Triad First In Families

                       "Supporting people witdevelopmental disabilities and traumatic brain injury and their families throughout North Carolina since 1995"


We are a catalyst for people with disabilities and their families in North Carolina to meet their self-determined needs by leveraging relationships and resources, and encouraging reciprocity in their communities.


To help people with disabilities and their families to believe in their dreams, achieve their goals, and give back to others. We assist children and adults to be more involved and contributing members of their communities by helping them:

Meet current goals and plan for the future

Acquire needed goods and services

Find opportunities to give back to others

         What We Do
Triad First In Families (TFIF), a chapter of First In Families of North Carolina, is a family support program that provides assistance to people with developmental disabilities and their families in Forsyth, Stokes and Davie counties. We help people find the resources needed to help them realize their dreams and meet their goals. Our goal is to do whatever it takes for people to live and participate fully in their community

TFIF offers support to families and individuals in Forsyth, Davie and Stokes Counties according to their self-defined needs. Support may be achieved by connecting the individual/family to vocational, social, and educational opportunities in the community, seeking donations or discounts of needed items/services, or, in some cases, giving money toward the needed item/service.  We do whatever we can to ensure that people live and participate fully in their community. 

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