Triad First In Families

             "Supporting people witdevelopmental disabilities and traumatic brain injury and their families throughout North Carolina since 1995"



Lifetime Connections

Lifetime Connections offers unique supports and future planning services to people with all types of disabilities and their families. We provide an alternative or addition to traditional services, through a membership based set of services tailored to each individual or family.

We believe in the power and potential of human relationships. All the services in the world cannot substitute for real relationships. First In Families believes that people with disabilities absolutely need relationships now for a good life, and for their future well-being, safety and security.

There is no disability so severe that relationships with others are not possible. We believe that a network of personal relationships can be the most important source of support in our communities. Through relationships, each person has the opportunity to seek a life in which goals can be achieved and dreams become reality.

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