Triad First In Families

Supporting people with developmental disabilities and traumatic brain injury
 and their families throughout North Carolina since 1995

How can you help?

Are you interested in serving within the Special Needs Community? We have some volunteer opportunities for you!

TFIF Management Team.  We are looking for people with disabilities or caretakers of people with disabilities who can help oversee Triad First In Families.  We are also looking for professionals, people in the religious community, business people - anyone who wants to be involved in helping to serve the needs of people with developmental disabilities. 

We are also looking for volunteers for the following committees.  These committees will meet every other month, or more often as needed. 

  • Volunteers Committee. This committee is responsible for finding and/or calling                  volunteers for events, deliveries, and any other needs that may arise.
  • Resource/Marketing Committee.  This committee is responsible for helping to find            resources and donations for the families we serve and sponsors for special events            and fundraisers. 
  • Marketing Commitee.  This committee is responsible for getting the word out to the          public about Triad First In Families; help come up with ideas for fundraising;                      help advertise special events, etc. 

And if you want to help out without serving on a committee, just let us know what you would like to do.  If you have a truck, can you help  move furniture, appliance and/or other big or heavy items?  Can you help out at events?  Can you help inventory the items in storage?  Is there anything else you would like to volunteer to do?
If you are interested in getting more information, please go to the "Contact" tab on the left side of the page and send us an e-mail. 

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